Nepal Urban Resilience Programme


The Sudridh – Nepal Urban Resilience Programme (NURP) is funded by UK Aid from the UK government and works with Nepal’s national, provincial and municipal governments to support green, resilient, and inclusive urban development. We enhance urban resilience by supporting inclusive economic growth, improving urban planning for green development, and increasing the effectiveness of institutions to support green investments.

Strengthening the resilience of growing urban areas

Sudridh-Nepal Urban Resilience Programme (NURP) is a 5-year programme (2019-2024) funded with UK Aid from the UK government to support Nepal’s national, provincial and local governments in strengthening the resilience of growing urban areas through inclusive local economic development, green infrastructure development, and improved institutional governance.

Working under the umbrella of its implementing partner, ICF Consulting Services Ltd., NURP’s activities are designed with an integral focus on Green, Resilient and Inclusive Development (GRID), gender equality and social inclusion (GESI), and local governance capacity support.

We follow a participatory, demand-led system in our approach to providing technical assistance to the municipalities we work with – Butwal, Janakpurdham and Pokhara. Adaptively responding to requests and priorities, we plan and implement GRID-aligned projects focused on building the resilience and capacity of local municipal governments. Our work spans:

The ICF Consulting Services Ltd. led consortium is supported by our trusted partners Action Aid, Support for Development Initiatives Consultancy (SDIC), and University College London (UCL).

Core Areas of Work

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Green Economic Development

Sustainable Urban Planning

Institutional Development

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Insights and Impact

Sudridh-NURP regularly tracks the impact of our interventions and shares guidance based on our experience to improve sustainable urban development, enhanced governance, and inclusive economic development outcomes. This includes regular thought pieces and Stories of Change, accessible on our insights and impacts page.

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Sudridh-NURP is committed to the long-term accessibility and usefulness of the reports and documents we develop for our project MCs. Throughout the project, newly developed documents will be housed here and later transferred to systems managed by the municipalities after project closure.