Federal Support

Sudridh-NURP facilitates the sharing and integration of the primary issues faced with municipal urban resilience among all spheres of government, including at the provincial and federal level. We ensure that inter-governmental linkages are strengthened such that green, resilient and inclusive development remains aligned with urban growth initiatives.

Some of the interventions through which we have ensured intersectoral coordination and collaboration is through Municipal to Municipal (M2M), Federal to Municipal (F2M) and in the future, Municipal to Federal (M2F) learning events. Out of a recent F2M learning, representatives from the three target municipalities, six federal ministries (MoUD, MoFAGA, MoFE, MoF, MoHA and MoLMCPA) and NURP agreed to the Sauraha Commitment which included the commitment to internalise and apply of GRID concepts in their policies, plans, activities, and budgets. The six federal ministries also agreed to mobilise the Urban Resilience Working Group (URWG) platform for the purpose of conducting and continuing the federal level dialogue, interaction and collaboration using the GRID-aligned approach to urban resilience.