Green Economic Development

Sudridh-NURP supports municipalities in promoting green, resilient, and inclusive economic development with a focus on boosting local-level productivity and investments. The interventions under green economic development are tailored to the three municipalities and are designed to provide two degrees of support:

  1. To strengthen mechanisms for dialogue between local government and the private sector, thus creating an impetus for local private sector investment and employment; and
  2. To identify focus areas for inclusive local economic development and support specific areas of economic activity.


Some of the interventions under green economic development design tools that are aimed at enhancing the appetite for private sector investment in projects aligned with Green, Resilient, and Inclusive Development (GRID) as well as promoting access to sources of green finance. This includes Public Private Dialogue (PPD), a platform to bring together public and private stakeholders and identify tangible ways forward for public-private collaboration, both boosting economic activity and meeting municipal needs. The PPDs build on findings from the Business Climate Survey completed in Butwal and Janakpur which is also incorporated in the local planning process and policy reform.

These interventions in the three municipalities are also varied according to the cultural and economic significance of each area. NURP has supported the study and design of a Pokhara cycle route connecting Pokhara’s main lakes as an opportunity to promote sustainable tourism and local economic growth along the route. In Janakpurdham, we have supported the women artists in forming the Mithila Art Association, linking the entrepreneurs with the Janakpurdham Chamber of Commerce and Industry and other relevant stakeholders to provide networking and other economic opportunities. In Butwal, NURP support has been extended to design the Butwal Labour Bank Portal (Butwal Rojgar) with the objective of linking job seekers and employers in the city.