Knowledge and Learning

Sudridh-NURP ensures that the lessons received from the planning and implementation of various projects is converted into knowledge products and shared with the relevant stakeholders and different partners in the development, public and private sectors.

We actively contribute to strengthen a learning-sharing and knowledge management culture and system, as well as to increase awareness, readiness and commitment from all spheres of the government to deploy various learnings. NURP has been creating Learning Alliances to induce informed dialogues between peers across various municipalities while engaging stakeholders and sharing knowledge/information on relevant topics. One such Learning Alliance was based on COP26 priority themes, aiming to raise awareness and promote action on five critical areas (Nature Based Solutions, Green Finance, Transport Transition, Energy Transition, and Adaptation and Resilience). One of the examples of integration of learning for higher impact is the development of Risk and Inclusion Sensitive Land Use Plan (RISLUP) as a Masters level module in urban planning and related courses, such that the learnings from professional practice of RISLUP can be mainstreamed into higher education.