Conceptual Design of (i) Hanumangadhi Community Park, (ii) Parshuram Talau and Sita Kund

Hanumangadhi Community Park, and Parshuram Talau and Sita Kund were identified projects under the Mithila Circuit Action Plan. The guthi land belonging to Hanumangadhi temple is currently just a green open space. Although the area is green, there is already a road constructed cutting across the available land and is under threat of encroachment. 

MCAP proposes the land to be developed as a community park based on the theme of Mithila Circuit. Hanumangadhi is the first location where pilgrims come to rest during the Mithila Madhya Parikrama event. It also acts as a gateway to Janakpurdham. Thus, creating a green, eco-friendly park with well-managed amenities would boost the economy in the area and promote religious tourism in a wider context. It will also act as a visitor-ready cultural heritage site even during the off season. 

Parshuram talau area is another visitor-ready cultural heritage site. There are two ponds here with kutis and some space belonging to the concerned guthi. This area is also not well managed at present but has high potential to attract religious tourists owing to its history and culture, if well marketed. Green redevelopment of the pond and surrounding areas could benefit the community by providing eco-services and bringing in more tourists .