DPR of Pokhara Entrance (Kotre) Park

Disclaimer: This document is in English. 

The “Pokhara Entrance Park” is a project proposed by PMC to create a recreational park at the entry point to Pokhara. The park aims to include eco-friendly infrastructure, proper sanitation, clean water, forests, foot trails, and other environmentally friendly elements. It serves as a model for promoting a green economy in the Pragatishil community forests area and generating funds for PMC to support local livelihoods. 

The DPR has been submitted to PMC, and a budget of approximately NPR 1 crore was allocated in FY 2022/23, though work still needs to be initiated. This year, NPR 20 lakh has been allocated, and the project is also being considered for implementation by ADB’s Urban Resilience and Liveability Improvement Programme (URLIP).