Green City Action Plan [2023-2030] – BRIEF BOOKLET – Janakpurdham [Nep.]

This is a brief booklet of the Green City Action Plan for Janakpurdham, linked here: Green City Action Plan [2023-2030] – Janakpurdham – FULL REPORT

This document is in Nepali

With increasing urbanisation and climate change, Janakpurdham is facing several climate and environmental concerns. These risks are likely to increase in the future, but with the right measures, and collaboration with the citizens and wider stakeholders, the climate impacts on the people and the city’s infrastructures/services can be minimised. In this action plan, we have set the vision of Janakpurdham as “A Livable Climate-Resilient City Build on its Culture and Heritage”. To realise this vision by 2030, we have identified eight goals around 70 specific and broader prioritised action plans. These goals and action plans are not absolute and shouldn’t be considered as a blueprint and rigid. We want this document to be living and with flexibility to be reviewed and updated as necessary with new ideas and new circumstances.