Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) Report for the Extraction of Deposited Materials in Danab River

The development of Butwal Sub-Metropolitan City (BSMC) requires raw materials for construction of different infrastructures which could be extracted from Danab River. For this, the sustainable collection and management of the river is necessary. The objective of the Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) is to identify, predict and evaluate the impacts of the extraction in physical, chemical, biological, socio-economic and cultural aspects of the environment and to suggest appropriate and practical mitigation measures for significant adverse impacts. The report concludes that the adverse impacts from the extraction of Danab river is minimal compared to the benefits with regards to local employment generation and socio-economic elevation This report also highlights the BSMC’s commitment to mandatorily implement and monitor the mitigation measures given in the monitoring plan, to understand the local community’s opinions and suggestions, to prioritize local employment, among many more.