Mithila Circuit Action Plan – Janakpurdham

Disclaimer: This action plan has been submitted to JSMC.
This document is in English.
The action plan also includes a map book.

The Mithila Circuit, locally referred to as Mithila Madhya Parikrama, traverses through 12 local administrative units, comprising 3 rural municipalities, 8 municipalities and the JSMC. Mithila Madhya Parikrama is a revered 128-kilometer ancient cultural and religious circumambulation that takes around 15 days to complete. In 2023, NURP brought together mayors of Mithila Circuit municipalities to establish a Mayors Network. NURP is supporting the development of a Mithila Circuit Action Plan focusing on local economic development, heritage conservation, and sustainable tourism.

The MCAP includes the following steps for the development of the Mithila Circuit: 

  • Identifying conservation zones in each Basa location;
  • Creating guidelines;
  • Developing Basa management guidelines;
  • Establishing a tourism network and heritage routes;
  • Constructing public toilets;
  • Creating a Mithila Circuit Community Park in Hanumangadhi;
  • Green redevelopment of the Parshuram Talau Area