Organisation and Management (O&M) Survey Report of Health Facilities – Butwal

A part of enhanced organisational and management capacity of the target governments is to ensure that effective systems are established to identify the operation and maintenance (O&M) requirements for assets so that adequate resources are made available to prolong asset life. In the case of Nepal, a reform in the health sector has become extremely pertinent in order to address the changes in social demographics and the subsequent incidence, nature, and intensity of diseases. In order to establish easy access to basic health services and to enhance the capacities of health institutions, various topics such as capacity of health institutions, quality of services, and the friendliness and sustainability of the services provided by these institutions to its recipients have been suggested for the O&M survey of the health institutions operating in Butwal. 

The recommendations provided to Butwal Sub-Metropolitan City for making municipal health services more effective and accessible include ensuring access to physical infrastructure, human and material resources are available to health institutions, establishing a ‘Health Institution Steering and Monitoring Committee’ to ensure improved quality and capacity of health institutions, and upgrading an institution currently operating as an urban health center as a health post.