Operational Plan – NU Rupandehi Business Incubation center

This document is in English. 

In Rupandehi, entrepreneurs face challenges such as earning trust, limited networks, lack of confidence, and difficulties in managing capital, funding, finance, and clients. In response, the Butwal Chamber of Commerce, Lumbini Banijya Campus, NYEF Rupandehi, and Antarprerana Pvt. Ltd. collaborated to establish the NU Rupandehi Business Incubation Center in 2020. The centre aims to address these challenges through a community-based incubation program, providing effective mentorship and fostering a supportive business ecosystem in Butwal, with financial support from NURP since its inception in 2020. The operational plan of the business incubation centre includes the mission and vision of the centre, strategy plan, operational model, the roles and responsibilities of the advisory board, the working group, the incubation manager, various program and facilities, and so on.