Pre-feasibility Study Report on the Establishment of Integrated Waste Management Facility including, Waste to Energy Plant through Public Private Partnership in Pokhara Metropolitan City

Disclaimer: This report has been submitted to PMC.
This document is in English. 

A pre-feasibility study report on the establishment of an Integrated Waste Management Facility, including a Waste to Energy (WtE) Plant, was done through a Public Private Partnership (PPP). Its purpose was to facilitate a shared understanding among potential investors, encouraging their participation in the bidding process and promoting transparency. 

The report has been submitted to the Project Management Committee (PMC), which plans to use it for calling bids for the WtE project. PMC aims to engage a private sector investor through the PPP model to Build, Operate, and Transfer (BOT) the waste-to-energy project in a new area (Ward 33). NURP has assisted PMC in preparing the Expression of Interest (EoI) document, which was used in issuing the Request for Proposal (RFP).