Preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR) of Kaparkatti Lake and Park – Main Report

The DPR for Kaparkatti Lake and Park is being implemented.
This document is in English.

Kaparkatti Lake, also known as Baithauliya Lake, is located in Ward no.16 of Butwal Sub Metropolitan City (BSMC) . The lake is around 1.75 km in length and width varies from 15 meters to 100 meters. The lake has been neglected for a long period, however, following the restructuring of local government, the newly elected BSMC authorities have taken the initiative to revive the lake and surrounding areas. BSMC has identified this lake with potential to develop for recreational facilities and tourist destinations of the city. It is also known as “Mini Fewa Lake” in BSMC.

The studies underdone on the project has been realized to be feasible in terms of technical design and economic aspects of the project, EIRR and B/C ratio being 19% and 3.49% respectively. It is also found that both projects are feasible in term of technical social and economic aspect as they have no significant adverse impact in social safeguard and environmental setting of the project site. As such, the project is found to be feasible as per investigated technical, environmental and social impacts analysis under the estimated cost of NRs 258,530,961.54.