Review of Inclusive Local Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan (ILEDS&AP) for Pokhara

Disclaimer: This document has been submitted to PMC.
This document is in English.

The cornerstone of NURP’s initiative to strategize inclusive economic growth and sustainable urban development was the preparation of the Inclusive Local Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan (ILEDS & AP) in each municipality. This plan was informed by a Detailed Impact Assessment (DIA) and aimed to guide sustainable and inclusive growth in all 3 cities. NURP has been updating and reviewing the ILEDS & AP over the past 3 years, including following the impact of COVID. Each city then took ownership of the document, and managed to take concrete steps to implement it.  

Pokhara Metropolitan City (PMC) has been a specific success story on this matter. Following the preparation of the ILEDS & AP, PMC developed a periodic plan and yearly policies and programmes, budget speeches and red book documents which directly aligned with the strategy and priorities that were set in the document.  

In this context, over the past quarter, NURP supported PMC in a further review of the ILEDS & AP. This review process aimed to assess the implementation status of activities, goals, and strategies endorsed in the ILEDS & AP. It also identified successful elements and areas of shortfall, suggesting modifications and future directions based on a comprehensive analysis. This review complemented secondary research of government documents, focusing on dissecting and analysing the strategy-goal-budget-activity matrix, with direct stakeholder consultations. 

Through its review, NURP was pleased to find that the ILEDS & AP’s recommendations have been incorporated into government documents to varying degrees, providing a measure to gauge the plan’s influence and success. There is evidence of progressive alignment of government policies with the ILEDS & AP’s vision, although gaps remain in many areas, which have been integrated into the revised actions and recommendations.