Risk and Inclusion Sensitive Land Use Plan for Tilottama Municipality

Disclaimer: This plan has been submitted to Tilottama Municipality.
This document is in English.

Tilottama Municipality, with 17 wards, is an expanding urban centre located in Rupandehi District of Lumbini Province. Tilottama lies in proximity with Butwal municipality and Bhairahawa Municipality. Together, they form a growing urban agglomeration. Tilottama is bordered by Rohini river in the east, Tihau river in the west. The north and south parts are mostly covered by forest and agricultural lands. Like any urban region, Tilottama is vulnerable to various physical, social, and economic risks. Management of urban growth, prevalence of risk exposure due to ad-hoc development, unmanaged land distribution, threat of monsoon flooding and water logging are some problems of the municipality. To address these problems, Risk and Inclusion Sensitive Land Use Planning is a good way forward. 

Risk and Inclusion Sensitive Land Use Planning (RISLUP) is an urban planning tool that takes into consideration risk, inclusion, and land use. Like any urban plan, RISLUP is a continuous learning and rectification process that guides the development of municipality with policy recommendations and strategies to build resilience. RISLUP paves ways to include and integrate all people and group in every aspect of development and land use planning. 

This project with an objective of preparing a RISLUP for Tilottama Municipality followed participatory planning approach, whereby the people were included in the planning process through focus group discussions, and interviews. The process was carried out in a convivial environment with various communities of the municipality. Secondary data (spatial or otherwise) obtained from various sources were verified in the filed- with the people for whom the planning was being carried out.